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  • Academic Year 2018 - 2019.

    To find out how much value you receive from your library, complete the following survey... You may be surprised!

  • How often do you use the library and its services?
    (Including online access to the library website.)

    • Weekly
    • Bi-weekly
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  • In the time period selected above, how many of each item/service listed below do you typically take advantage of?

    For example, if you selected "Weekly" above, and you borrow a laptop 3 days a week, put the number 3 in the appropriate box below.

Study @ the Library for 60 Minutes $23.32 $0
Ask A Research Question $46.73 $0
Use A Print Textbook On Reserve $87.30 $0
Download A Full Text Article $10.00 $0
Use Library Resources Online $2.60 $0
Borrow A Library Book $14.53 $0
Use Interlibrary Loan Service $39.32 $0
Borrow A DVD $2.00 $0
Borrow A Laptop Computer $9.00 $0
Use A Desktop Computer $5.00 $0

The values in the calculator were determined by the estimated cost of obtaining each of the items without the use of the library.

For a full breakdown of each value visit this page: